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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  October 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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first, though, we are trackin tg hur main matthew work its way across the carribbean with weather models showing it could head up the east coast. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. hurricane matthew slamming into haiti with winds at 145 miles an hour today threatening another crisis for that impoverished nation. storm is ripping trees up, tearing roofs from shacks along the coast. officials there say they still don't know the extent of the damage in cuba appears to be next. people there say they started feeling the effects of that storm early this morning. meanwhile the us navy already offered the evacuation of 700 spouses and children of service personnel there. the storm also expected to come close to the coast of florida. state officials are alerting residents to pay close attention to all warnings in south carolina's governor plans to order an evacuation order tomorrow. let's get to the weather authority now. meteorologist kathy orr is watching this storm. whether it will impact us, kathy. >> it's amazing and changing by the minute. here it is this massive hurricane matthew still a
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category four dangerous maximum sustained winds at about 140 miles an hour. here is a center of circulation. it is about to cross over the eastern part of cuba and then possibly devastate the bahamas. all of our computer models these are hurricane models bending toward florida and then moving back out over hatteras but notice nothing inland. all of them agreeing that this is going to be hooking back out to sea. but there is a major change in the forecast. the national hurricane center just put out the 5:00 o'clock forecast, and we do have change to talk about. the storm a little bit slower in speed to the north at 9 miles an hour. i mentioned that maximum wind speed at 140 miles an hour. anything highlighted in red you can see cuba, of course, haiti and the bahamas hurricane warnings in place. this storm category four expected to maintain that strength over the bahamas come very close to florida and then kickback out over the carolinas. but the changes it's coming a little bit closer to florida
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with this particular track. and when you consider the ocean water temperatures, ocean water temperatures off the carolinas in the 80s. highlighted in this red and as you get a little bit closer to our neck of the woods, the yellow representing 70-degree water. so the storm will be weakening but if it does come closer to florida, or make a landfall in florida, that would reduce our impacts. we'll talk more about these possibilities. we now have two scenarios coming up little bit later on in the broadcast and that could completely change our forecast for the weekend. i'll see you later on. >> all right, lots to talk about. thank you, kathy. developing to night in atlantic county authorities are peacing together what happened before a police involved shooting. officers shot and killed a man during a standoff. they say it all began with domestic dispute. >> and police say they shot and killed an armed man. our dawn timmeney following the developments with this story. she's live in ventnor tonight. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain and lucy, police say the man at the center of it all john federer, jr., had recently moved back
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here with his family about two years ago. neighbors say since that time, police have been called here a couple of times and they say they never ever expected what happened last night to play out on this quiet neighborhood street. stay inn sigh. stay inside. >> get inside. >> get downstairs. >> tense moments in the 700 block of north burly avenue in ventnor last night just before 6:30 as police are called to a home for a domestic situation and neighbors are told to get inside. >> it was just surreal. >> reporter: investor gas say it began earlier in the day when 49-year-old john federer, jr., allegedly threatened his father with shotgun and the two struggled over it. someone in the home called 911. but then hung up. police arrived on scene, if he say they heard gunshots from inside that is when they surrounded the home and were able to get feder' parents out and to safety. >> i was watching tv laying in
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the living room. i heard a couple gunshots. i came out and the cops starting pouring in. blocked everything off. >> you can hear his mother yelling her son's name. >> as swat arrived shots were fired out of his window hitting home across the street. >> john, put your gun down. >> during the more than long standoff police were trying to talk to feder. >> john, do the right thing. throw the gun out of window. john, put your hands out the win do. >> reporter: police made several aments to get him to surrender peacefully as the neighborhood watched on in fear. >> but i could hear them saying, to him, john, john, come on out. come on out. nothing is going to happen. just put the gun down. >> reporter: finally, at 7:38, feder came out of the house and pointed a gun at members of the swat team. single gunshot was heard after
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swat team officers fired at him killing him. >> we heard five gunshots right after the five gunshots they just went off. maybe 12 to 15 shots in a row. >> reporter: the attorney general's toot shooting response team is still investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. neighbors say the feder family has lived here for 40 years and are saddened by the deadly out come. iain? >> dawn, thank you. well tonight you decide the presidential campaign once again comes to our area. hillary clinton stumping for votes today in haverford, delaware county. >> and democratic nominee had message aimed at families and working women. clinton's daughter chelsea and actress elizabeth banks joined her at the haverford community recreation center. she spoke about reducing gun violence and also about benefits for working families including paid family leave and sick days. the town hall format at today's event had clinton taking questions from audience members and a big talker is higher
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education. >> other states don't want to invest in higher education. don't ask me why. it's one of the best economic investments any state can make. the more you invest in higher education, that includes community colleges, by the way,. [ applause ] >> the more well prepared your work force will be. so that's what we're going to be pushing. >> clinton then headed west to harrisburg to continue her push in this battleground state. meanwhile, donald trump is targeting another swing state and that is colorado. >> republican nominee spoke with oil and gas executives. message from trump was all about business. he said he would reduce regulations in the oil and gas industry telling the group of just over a dozen people it's the opposite of what hillary clinton would do. trump is now headed to arizona to talk to a larger group inside an recent in a. a real clear politic poll average has him up in that state by about two points. tonight of course the vice-presidential candidates will take center stage in their first and only debate. >> republican governor mike
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pence and democratic senator tim kaine will face off long wood university in virginia. fox news poll shows more voters have a positive versus negative view of both cape and pence and about three in 10 simply cannot rate the vp nominees. political analysts say the job of those candidates is to make their running mates look good in this debate. >> it's a high-pressure situation. that's the only chance the vice-presidential candidates have to debate. they haven't been debating all campaign season the presidential candidates and they have awful lot of ground to cover. what they want to avoid is a significant gaff that diminishes their effectiveness and makes them a liability for their ticket. you can check out the vice-presidential debate right here on fox 29 at 9:00 tonight and still ahead this evening we'll have conversation with fox news anchor shepard smith about the impact tonight's debate could have on the election. do not forget about voter registration deadlines. pennsylvania voters have until
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next tuesday to register. delaware voters need to register by october 15th and new jersey deadline is october 18th. happening now, fire investigators are looking into what caused two homes to explode in north jersey this morning. the blast in paterson destroyed those homes and badly damaged a third. the explosion happened shortly after firefighters got there to investigate a possible gas leak. no residents were hurt but 38 people are without a home tonight. police say there's no concern for any more explosions. man accused of of killing has eight-year-old girl in camden has a chance to get out of jail. it will cost him $1.5 million in bail. judge arraigned 18-year-old tie hon brown for the shooting and killing of gabbie hill carter in august. last month, u.s. marshals arrested brown at a family member's home in tennessee. police say carter was caught in crossfire between brown and other men. prosecutors have charged brown with first degree murder.
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>> he just spit in my ear. >> shocking behavior from an adult supposed to be watching over students in burlington county a mother says that bus aid spit on her teenaged son. >> fox 29's bill anderson reports from evesham township with the mom's reaction want the school says they're doing about it. >> reporter: spitting at someone is pretty universally accepted as disrespectful. not to mention nasty. and that's among adults. >> ew. >> how do you think a parent would respond when their toe 14-year-old was spit on by their bus aid? >> no matter what my son said or did, did he not deserve to be spit on like an animal. >> reporter: 14-year-old mark myers attends an evesham new jersey school for children with special needs and emotional challenges. >> it's not me. leave me alone. things like that. um, but not, never aggressive. >> reporter: challenges aside his mother is the one who got emotional thinking an aide from hill man bus service a grown man
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spit at her child. >> i'm going to go through every channel i can and make someone listen. i don't want this to ever happen to any of my kids. i don't want it to happen to anybody else's kid. >> reporter: too many thinking about your child being spit on would make you angry, mr. myers felt the same way. >> it was all i can to stop him from waiting for the bus on monday morning and getting on the bus to go after that man. but i tried to tell him, if he were to do that, it takes away from marcus being the victim and makes us look like the animals. i didn't want that for my son. >> reporter: miss myers called her son's school but they don't contract the buses so she called the lenape school district who does and they said they would look into it. miss myers also said she felt ignored by the bus company so undeterred she recognized spitting in someone's face in new jersey is a crime she call the police. >> that was wrong. it was wrong what happened to him. i want him to know that i take that personally. i take it seriously. and he has every right to feel like a victim because he was nothing less than that.
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>> representative from hill man bus company did he did not want to go on camera but did tell us they have not seen the video but they are cooperating with police and the bus awed has been removed from all buses pending an investigation. a local family says they cannot go home. why lawyers called their home a toxic waste land and what every homeowner should know. fox 29 viewer needs some help to reunite a priceless military momento with its rightful owner. fox 29's bruce gordon is working to get results straight ahead. and he insulted president obama a month ago. now the philippine president is back at it. >> you can go to hell. president obama you can go to hell. >> what has the former leader riled up this time. >> later on fox 29 news at 6:00 caught on camera cops say this pair stole lot of merchandise from local store. what they're accused of of doing to an employee who was trying to stop them. ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that
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janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at this price. only fios can. ♪ >> new developments in the investigation of a deadly train crash at hoboken train station. nsb has recovered a data recorder of video recorder and the engineer's cell phone from the wreckage of that commuter train. the evidence will be sent to washington, d.c. to be analyzed at the ntsb's labs. the engineers told investigators he does not remember the crash. his cell phone was found in a backpack in the cab of the front car. a woman died when that train plowed into that station last week. meantime in felton valleys need your head finding this man accused of stealing a woman's iphone seven. police say the 29-year-old victim was walking on the 4600
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block of c street last friday night when the man pushed her into a fence. he then told the woman he'd shoot her if she didn't give him her phone. she refused but he grabbed it from her pocket so you know what to do. if you've got any information please call police. fox 29 working to get results tonight trying to reunite a local family with their an important tribute received by a member of that family. >> world war ii veteran and a neatly folded american flag. our bruce gordon is on the case and joins us in the stewed eighty seven bruce, what you got. >> reporter: guys, it's a poignant way of saying thank to you veteran upon his or her death. an american flag removed from the a top the cassette folded neatly into a triangle and very often displayed at the home of a surviving relative in a wooden case. our challenge matching the flag to the family. e-mail came to us from dave nunez of vineland, new jersey. he needed our help getting an american flag back to its rightful owner. >> how are you? >> we met with dave in vineland and he described buying the momento from a stranger outside a corner grocery store nearby
5:16 pm
about a month ago. >> guy came up. you want to buy flag. give you a good price. >> reporter: 20 bucks. dave says he spent the money so he can try and get the flag back to the right place. >> disrespect physical full somebody would sell somebody's live for 20 bucks. >> he found a black flor rin dough pip pi tone. research showed it was a south jersey guy served in the army air core in world war ii. >> i just thought it was the right thing to do to give it back to the family member. see who it belongs to. >> his own efforts reaching the family through facebook came up empty he gave us the flag so we can try. his death notice showed he had surviving brothers and sisters grandchildren and great-grandchildren at the time of his passing. i reached out to many as i could find. >> we have just today come into possession of something that i believe belonged to your family. so far without success i also paid a visit to the gravesite
5:17 pm
listed oh and that death notice to look for clues. good folks at the calgary cemetery in cherry hill helped me locate the proper crypt. there it is. flor rin dough piptone buried along his wife josephine. >> nunez is hoping we can make a connection and get the flag back to the family. it will be well worth his $20 investment. >> it will mean lot to everybo everybody. i don't think -- i'm proud of myself but other people, you know, do the same thing. >> get this back to the rightful owners. >> absolutely. >> reporter: now, if you know how we could reach this family, remember, flor rin dough went by larry died in 2002. he had two sons, lawrence and martin works daughters joanne and bernadette. message me on my facebook page easy to remember bruce gordon fox 29. we would love to get this flag back where it belongs. lucy. >> that would be a wonderful thing. thank you so much, bruce. kanye west reschedule link tonight's concert in philadelphia in the wake of armed robbery targets had wife
5:18 pm
kim kardashian. >> it's one of two shows postponed one day after a gunman robbed kardashian in paris. so if you're planning on seeing kanye wells fargo tonight you'll be able to see him now on december 13th. detroit show this week also bumped back to december. life nation says coon kanye is postponing because of family concerns and kanye will resume his tour on friday in chicago. meanwhile we're learning more about how kardashian escaped. source close to the reality star says she pleaded for her life when robbers held her at gun point. after the men tied her up she did somehow manage to free herself and called for help. french police are looking for five people involve in the robbery. authorities say they got away with more than $10 million worth of jewelry. the philadelphia housing authority is laying off 126 of its employees. the announcement comes as the organization added 3800 new housing units but simultaneously faces more than $20 million in deficits. pha lost millions in federal
5:19 pm
housing subsidies since 2008 and the agency says that number could fall by another $14 million by 2020. >> a mid the announcement of 126 jobs lost the city of philadelphia added a new job today to combat domestic violence. mayor jim kenney says today he recreate add position responsible for coordinating the city's efforts to stop domestic violence. announce many comes just in time for domestic violence awardness month. the mayor says it's a big problem here in the city. >> as many of you know domestic violence impacts our entire community. one in three women in the united states have experienced physical violence by intimate partner at some point in her lifetime. approximately 12,000 petitions for protection from abuse orders are filed in philadelphia family court each year. >> the new higher will coordinate with groups working to combat domestic violence and assists victims. non governmental organizations, law enforcement, city agencies and religious groups. a pennsylvania mayor under fire for racist facebook post
5:20 pm
about the first family. why he's still not out of office despite a public outcry. >> going dell is going apple. how the new smart phone is challenging iphone. >> gold medal winning para owe limine michelle brings goodwill to a local hospital. her message of hope. ♪
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♪ calls tonight fort resignation of a central pennsylvania mayor after racist facebook posts about president obama. west york mayor charles what is company used images of apes and posting referring to the first family. this picture also has the caption, moving day at the white house has finally arrived not soon enough. last night the west york council unanimously approved a motion to sense sure the mayor. council members are joining people in the community calling for the mayor's resignation. he's also accused of posting racist comments about muslims and several minority groups. >> if you are a human being with a heart that is cheating, you would reject the message of hate he has put forth. >> this mayor represents us. represents where we came from. and it's embarrassing to have a mayor that can get away saying racist things online and still
5:24 pm
be in office. >> there's no punitive action attached to the censor a strong reprimand by the council against what is company and there's no indication that what is company has any plans of resigning. philippine president lashing out at president obama. he's reacting to the president's criticism of his dea deadly anti-drug campaign. president rodrigo di tart told president obama to -- i can even say it tv. i'm not going to say it. philippine president is upset about pressure from the us to crack down on the extra judicial killings sanctioned since he took office in june also taking aim at the european union saying he's not afraid of it. he threatened he may eventually decide to quote break up with america. >> instead of helping us... you can go to hell. >> estimated 3,000 drug dealers and users have been killed without trial by police and vigilantes with the president's
5:25 pm
consent. in los angeles police surveillance video showing a man right before a deadly police involved shooting. police say the video shows i wasn't of 18-year-old carnell snell, jr. hold wagon appears to be a gun. it supports the la p d original statement he did have a weapon. officers shot and killed the teen on saturday after a short chase on foot following a car chase. snell shooting prompted demonstrations by black lives matter protesters. they're calling snell's death unjustified and are demanding the lapd police chief step down. well tonight vice-presidential candidates will get their chance to press voters. we'll talk with fox's shepard smith how they'll help their running mates earn your vote. lead paint chips and dust all very hazardous to children. this family wanted that gone understandably but six months later it's still too dangerous to move back into their home. what every homeowner should hear. kathy? >> did the clouds get you down today. >> no. i like clouds.
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>> this was an eastern flow kept it cool, cep the clouds around. unrelated to matthew. guess, what those clouds disappear we have a sunny stretch come brag a potential um become from the hurricane. i'll have that when we come back. planned parenthood.
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across nations in the carribbe carribbean. it is a massive storm. already it is pounding haiti with winds of 145 miles an hour just downpours of rain you know mudslides are going to be an issue. the total extent of damage right now unknown. it's still being battered. cuba next on the list most likely residents there say they started feeling the effects of the storm early this morning. it's expected to come very close to the coast of florida. state officials are already alerting residents to pay very close attention to warnings and south carolina's governor plans to order an evacuation as of tomorrow. back here at home, we take live look at wilmington right now. kathy orr track wagon impact the storm could have on us. she comes your way in just few minutes. judge found a philadelphia funeral director guilty tonight after police found decomposing bodies inside unlicensed funeral home. blair hawkins could now face up two years in prison. this all goes back to augus august 2015 when state police got a tip about three bodies on
5:30 pm
the 5300 block of vine street in west philadelphia. philadelphia police say that blair hawkins is licensed himself but pick up two of the bodies which did not have signed death certificates. hawkins was convict evidence abuse of corporation. torments night police in upper moreland searching for man roo who tried to lure a child into his car. it happened on september 16th near upper moreland middle school in hatboro. police say the man was driving a silver sedan and tried to get the 12-year-old into his car. he told her he was looking for his dog. if you recognize him or have any information, give police a call. all right. back -- >> all right. you know what, we got all kinds of weather to talk about, don't we. >> we do. we got a storm five days away. kathy orr of course track what it means for us. kathy?
5:31 pm
>> concerning our hurricane we have two different scenarios moving our way. a new model came in this afternoon and put some doubt in the track of hurricane matthew and i'll share that new information with you. first take look outside we have a mostly cloudy sky. a little bit of a break in the overcast and it's all because of this. a northeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour. the temperature only 66 degrees. and that cooler air moving on shore has kept these temperatures only in the 60s today. in the 50s in the poconos, and where we saw some sunshine, that's where we saw milder temperatures. but a back door front keeping it cool. you have to go to pittsburgh to get out of this marine layer and see a good deal of sunshine with temperatures in the 70s. overnight tonight, 54 in the city. 50 in the suburbs. parly cloudy. a cool night. still a northeasterly wind were you then the wind shifts tomorrow went see more sun. more clouds to the south and east toward the shore. but a mostly sunny day and high
5:32 pm
temperatures in the 70s. then all eyes, of course, on matthew after a few quiet days this week. now, this new model that came n the european model take a careful look at this and the american model as we look into the distant future i want to show you this because this model came out this afternoon and it makes a landfall right along the west coast of florida. then kind of curves around the carolinas and comes back down in a weaker form. much different than the scenario yesterday. our american model takes this storm just brus brushing by floa makes a landfall close to the carolinas and then pushes it out to sea. if this were true, that's the worst case scenario at this point. that would mean some rain late saturday into sunday, and by late sunday afternoon the storm would be offshore. so nevertheless, we have two different scenarios. one gives us not much of anything. and the other one gives us some rain and wind over the weekend. so here's look the your seven day forecast. sunny for our wednesday,
5:33 pm
thursday, friday, then the potential impact saturday and sunday of matthew still keeping it in there as a possibility, of course, and then monday breezy. tuesday mostly sunny and 72. new information will come in this evening and of course we'll update for you at 6:00 o'clock. we'll send it back to you at the news desk. >> kathy, thanks. back to you decide 2016 now the vice-presidential candidates tim kaine and governor mike pence preparing to face off in theirs first and only debate this election season. the showdown will happen at long wood university in virginia at 9:00 tonight and the goal is for the candidates to help make their running mates look good. >> this is true. fox anchor shepard smith is standing by live with look what's at stake tonight. good evening, shepard. these two could not be more polar opposite when it comes to policies. >> reporter: they really are lucy and iain g evening. they are opposed about a 180 from each other. one is a sitting liberal who's scene is sort of cerebral calm
5:34 pm
guy who's very popular here in virginia among those on the left and then there is governor mike pence who's more traditional conservative, more sort of from the establishment wing of the party, and really for mike pence it's been his job throughout this campaign season since he joined the campaign as the number two to sort of go in and clean up some of the little messes as viewed by more traditional establishment conservatives. it's been mike pence's job to reassure those on the right that donald trump will be one who can carry the flag for them. institute conservative policies. will do what they believe is right in the way of supreme court justices and the rest. and for tim kaine the job is just been to sort of go along with hillary clinton, use her strength in this important -- his strength in this important swing state of virginia and bring in again that more liberal base that hillary clinton she's been more moderate but certainly has now come up with one of the more liberal policy platforms in really the history of the democratic party. so they are die met klee opposed
5:35 pm
tonight though in demeanor at least very similar you wonder how rowdy this thing could be. keep in mind, donald trump will be live tweeting so if nothing else you'll have that. [ laughter ] >> this is true, right. >> it will be interesting. >> i know. always is. >> schep, neither of these guys have much of a national profile before this election. can either of these two gentlemen close the like ability gap tonight? we got such high unapproval rating for both at the top ticket. >> reporter: you know, the top fondants say probably not. neither of them has i know who you are eighting above their% in america a lot of this tonight will be introducing themselves as the heartbeat away guy to people all across the nation and across philadelphia to say that we're the ones who are going to be there as the second fiddle. it's a position that is certainly mattered over the course of the history but debate like this one rarely has. you often get that one singer that one line that's remembered forever. >> this is true. >> reporter: i knew ted kennedy. we'll see. we'll know at 9:00 o'clock.
5:36 pm
>> all right. thank you so much shepard smith reporting live from long wood university in virginia. thank you so much, schep. gold medal winner para olympian brings goodwill will to a local hospital. how she's using her achievements to help other. >> good news for maria sharipova why a court made a decision to reduce a doping suspension. >> coming your way at 6:00 an exchange of words inside a local casino spills outside. why police are looking for this man over what he did to another casino goer. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record... and we saw a guy who has our backs. toomey crossed party lines to support background checks....
5:37 pm
that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, e best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition
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that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ in kensington today the archdiocese of philadelphia archbishop charles chaput dedicates a new affordable hou housing development. the st. francis villa a new development for seniors. the archbishop blessed the new units. the philadelphia housing authority funded the cost of the development. a gold medal para olympian proving no matter what obstacles you face you can still follow your dreams. >> that's right. today michelle congressly visit add local hospital to spread
5:40 pm
that message of hope. fresh off winning four medals in swimming at the para olympians in rio de janiero. she visit patients at magee rehab hospital and it's very personal for the 24-year-old. she spent six months at magee following a devastating accident that left her with countless broken bones. a shattered vertebrae and a damaged spinal cord. she has a very important message for patients facing physical objecobstacles. >> it's really special to be back. i remember spending days on the hand cycles wishing i was i was in the pool with my teammates at georgetown. i really accomplished all of my dreams that kind of came into being ideas why i was here. it's very special. >> four medals not bad. she's sticking around. next fall she plans to start medical school at thomas jefferson university. >> maria sharipova could be back on the court sooner than we thought the international court of arbitration for sport has
5:41 pm
reduced her two-year doping ban to 15 months. that means we can see her back in competitive tennis in april. court found she did not bear quote significant fault for her positive drug test. the panel that reduced her band decided she was not intentional doper. sharipova of course a five-time grand slam champion. lead paint, chips and dust hazardous to children. this family wants that risk go gone. six month later it's still too dangerous to move back in. jeff cole has what every homeowner should hear g google going after apple. how its new smart phone is challenging the iphone. sean? >> lucy, joel embiid getting ready to play his first game after two years of sitting out. we'll preview the sixers first preseason game the eagles riding high but still trying to stay humble. that's coming up later in sports.
5:43 pm
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of course we already know the dangers lead can pose particularly to children. so you can probably under why one local family was willing to temporarily move out of their home to get that big problem fixed but now six months later, they say their home is still too dangerous. >> and they say the company they hired to help them did anything but. fox 29's jeff cole tonight with a story every homeowner should see. >> reporter: this is old west chester farm means a lot to nicholas bell. >> we grew up here we work the house. all the gardens were done by my dad and i. fences we put up. >> reporter: college professor, who is seeking his doctorate, he hoped to one day build a home of his own beside his parent's place on this serene slice of nature. >> our whole dream of this house is to be in the family for long time. >> reporter: when his dad passed away, plans changed.
5:46 pm
>> there you go. >> reporter: bell, his wife kristin who is a nurse and their kids moved into to the 18th century farmhouse. it add joins the home where his mom continues to raise his three adopted siblings from guatemala. there was just one lingering concern about the farmhouse. >> you wanted to get that lead paint out thereof? >> yes i wanted to make a safe environment for my three little kids, they're six, two and one. >> now his lawyers say the one side chester county farmhouse has become a toxic waste land. the bells display since march have only the clothing and items they took when they left. what happened? rhonda sullivan happened. >> rhonda, can i talk to you about nick bell? rhonda, he says his house is ruined. were you talk to me about it at all? why are you unwilling to talk about it? >> they were supposed to take everything out of our house r. >> reporter: bell said he looked into lead remediation and consulted with three contractors
5:47 pm
before hiring sullivan's outfit. >> you can see again stuff just wasn't covered. i mean, properly. >> she is the owner and president of able sullivan llc. >> reporter: bell found this youtube video of a talk the wilmington, delaware, contractor gave last year at a local community college. >> lead paint is what we do primarily. >> reporter: bell says sullivan spoke with him at length about the work. >> the company is certified firm. we're licensed, insured, been operating since 2010. >> he likes that she'd be on site and seemed to have all the right answers. >> our lead paint technicians haven't a master's degree in historic preservation. >> reporter: their contract said would it take rocks toll weeks and $10,000 to remove paint from surfaces identified bite owner as containing hazardous levels of lead based paint. all work would be done according to epa and state regulations.
5:48 pm
lead paints is serious business says the epaf your house was built before 1978, you lik likey have paint chips and dust can be especially hazardous to kids whose brains and nervous systems are sensitive to the damaging impact of lead. companies have to be certified and clean up must be done to spec. >> i'm going to want the homeowner to put all their furniture in the center of the room so that i can properly protect it. >> reporter: another lead remediater michael fox of controlled environmental systems in springhouse, pa, told us how he sets up plastic and tarps to seal off work sites. >> it's search to the project. >> reporter: crews may wear protective suits and respirato respirators. >> once it's finished, we go into a deacon tom nation and cleaning of the area which, you know, is vacuuming, wet wip wipg every surface in the room. >> reporter: third party looks things over then come the lab
5:49 pm
tests. >> this is serious business here? >> yeah. we're not playing around here. this place has to be safe and clean. >> yes. >> reporter: bell says sullivan encouraged him to take the family on a spring break vacation the first week of their project. reports from home raised some red flags. >> the workers were coming in the house without taking off their leg gear. they were chipping our doors that were identified to have lead paint on them on our front porch without protective measures. >> that entrance was not sealed off. we had a company come in and seal that entrance off. they were supposed to remove everything and put it on the other side. we designated an area with tape and they didn't move anything out. >> reporter: the bells came home a day early and wound up calling the county health department, pennsylvania's department of labor and industry and the epa. inspectors apparently saw workers returning from a fast food lunch break. >> they got out of their car, they actually still had their led abatement gear on. >> reporter: soul have you
5:50 pm
land wasn't there. bell says, inside workers had failed to cover furniture, close off air ducts or stay out of areas that were supposed to be sealed off. a fan was blowing right out an open window. in a federal lawsuit the bells are a cueing able and sullivan of fraud and seeking at least $80,000 to repair damage and clean or replace firnishings. environmental test that is show lead even in plants and soil out front could push that bill higher. the bells were told most of their belongings may gets toed. we went to sullivan's home. left cards. called and e mailed. we didn't hear back. >> rhonda? >> so we tried again. >> rhonda, i need to talk to you about nick bell. can you talk to mow about that house, rhonda? what happened there? are you going to make it right for him, rhonda? rhonda? certified led abatement
5:51 pm
contractor able and sullivan must summit notification of its jobs. but authorities had no records of this company performing any abatement activities in the first state. when we check. >> everything was supposed to be sealed off, and nothing was. they were walking in and out of here. you can see there's no protective measures the floor. >> reporter: bell says sullivan told him the company was licensed in pennsylvania but it's not. according to state maybe officials who are currently investigating the situation. >> pennsylvania says you are not licensed to any remediation. rhonda, weedlike talk to you about this. >> reporter: bell says they had contract and he only stopped payment on a check when problems arose. but that led sullivan to claims it was a ploy to obtain free services from an unsuspecting contractor. >> my daughters ask when can we stop vacation and move back into the hem because they view our apartment as a vacation rate now. >> more than sick months later the bells are struggling to pay a home mortgage plus rent.
5:52 pm
>> the thought of losing place would have to make you heart sick. >> um, for all of us. down to my -- one-year-old we pulled up at the house today to meet you guys and she went right to the path to get into our entrance um, yeah. >> reporter: again, rhonda sullivan did not respond to our card left at her door and repeated phone calls. thinking about having this work done our experts says you must do your homework. find more information about lead remediation in our story on jeff cole, fox 29 news. sure hope they can move back in soon. quite a mess in one neighborhood. the message which residents are resort to go to get rid of them.
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>> we're getting inside look at empire tonight. >> jesse smollett who plays jamal lyons talked about his character in season three. >> this is probably been not probably this has been the most difficult season thus far for me as an actor because, um, you know, season one and season two was really about growth and i had been through so many of the things that jamal had been through. this is really the first time that i'm dealing with just something that i've never experienced. i have stage fright sometimes, you know, but it's not -- it's not like this. this is very very real serious, serious issue. >> you can catch a new episode of empire tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. right here on fox 29.
5:57 pm
ben stiller breaking his silence on cancer tonight. actor revealed today in an essay he battled prostate cancer in 2014. he says prostate specific anti again test saved his life. stiller had the test about four years before the american cancer society recommended but he credits it with saving his life. >> in your money tonight, google is good says seively challenging apple' i phone. introduced new line of smart phones called pixel designed to use google assistant. it has built in artificial intelligence. eliminates the need for typing and such like apple siri. anyhow they're doing what apple already does. they come in two screen sizes. you can now order one. smaller version costs about only 650 bucks for that small one. there you go. wild bores are tearing up lawns in california neighborhood there. fox's smith talks to some residents who say the pigs aren't just nuisance they're also safety concern. >> you can see they just
5:58 pm
basically go up and underneath the grass. >> reporter: it's becoming quite a mess in san jose east foothills homeowners discovering their lawns in ruins damage they say caused by hungry wild bores. >> when you see this much damage, it's pretty obvious that's pigs. and it's definitely more than one pig. >> reporter: ryan cooper's lawn is more than a handful hit in the last week. some repeatedly and he considers himself lucky. his lawn not as bad as his neighbor's. he says a pack of ferrell pigs are coming from ranch lands across the street. >> keeps getting more and more dry there's less food for them out there. so they come in here and they're grubbing. they're looking for grub looking for worms. >> reporter: few years back neighbors reinforce add fence with barbed wire but they suspect the pigs found hole one neighbor resorting to flashing red lights to scare them away. brian is worried about his dog. >> i walk khloe or little dog here in the morning and at night, you know, some fears if the bourse started attacking her
5:59 pm
what would i do? >> they can very violent. yeah. they'll charge right at you. >> andy is a licensed trapper. pigs are active this time of year fatten up for the winter. he suggests homeowner put a plastic or metal fence around their lawn to keep them away and if confronted make noise. he says whatever do you, don't approach them as they can be dangerous. >> it will continue. as long as there's a food source here they'll keep oncoming back. when threat get to the tasty grubs. ♪ right now hurricane matthew is churning its way toward cuba and bahamas even as it continues to pound haiti. how close it may track to our area. plus cops are on the hunt for a daring duo a lot of merchandise ripped off from a local store. but things got even worse when a worker tried to stop it. what happened right outside as the accused thieves tried to get away. ♪
6:00 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. that is the sound of hurricane matthew hammering haiti tonight. it's 145 miles an hour winds tearing off roofs and ripping up trees that get in its way category four storm barrels north forecasters have already issued a hurricane watch in florida. governors in the sunshine state, georgia, south carolina and north carolina have already declared states of emergency. in south carolina alone as many as 1 million people may be asked to evacuate as that storm creeps closer. good tuesday evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the question for all of us, just how close will matthew make it to us and when? >> fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr has been tracking this storm since it formed. this is deadly one. >> it certainly is, lucy. now we're concerned about the eastern half of cuban also the bahamas. remember last year at this time we were talking about hurricane


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